The FIFA World Cup matches would’ve been totally different without the drowning sound of the Vuvuzelas. The South African instrument’ll make its debut in India during the Commonwealth Games. The Vuvuzelas are sold by Premier Brands, the official merchandising partner of the Games.

Although the Wimbledon and certain other sporting events had banned this loud instrument, the Organising Committee of the Games is quite hopeful to sell loads of it. They say that Indians are used to noisy crowds, especially within stadiums. The Vuvuzelas will be sold for Rs 150, and will wrapped/painted in the Indian tricolour.

For those who want to purchase a Vuvuzela before the event, the OC will be selling it through malls and shopping centres. College and school students can get their hands in it for a 10% discount. Games’ merchandise will be available on the net, too. Online marketing will boost their sales.