Covering 25 acres within the Gautam Budh University campus, the planned Buddhist Museum and Research Centre in Greater Noida will showcase Lord Buddha’s teachings. Architecture firm CP Kukreja and Associates will give the museum a blend of the Buddhist heritage as well the modern, in its décor. The architecture will remind you of Nalanda university and Buddhist temples. A large and beautiful garden is also being planned on the premises.

Visitors will have the option of visiting art galleries, sculpture sections, research and development centre, exhibition centre, classrooms and cultural workshops in the 84-crore complex. Not to mention that you can walk around to the café for a break or check out the multimedia rooms. Students and researchers will benefit from the research centre: the origin and history of Buddhism and other aspects will be made available.

The Museum, which will be ready in about two months, will display statues and sculptures, architectural remains and antiques related to the life and teachings of Lord Buddha and his followers.