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Punjab to Build costliest pod transport system – at Amritsar!

The world’s first commercially operational pod system is at London’s Heathrow airport. And now the Punjab government in India has begun to build the world’s largest urban Passenger Rapid Transport (PRT) system in Amritsar. The Golden Temple of Amritsar is a famous religious tourist spot in northwestern India. Thirty-five per cent of visitors will be transported in pods, with a fare that’s competitive with an auto-rickshaw ride.

This is the holiest Sikh shrine in the world, and an average 1,00,000 national and international visitors come here on a weekday to the temple. The pods, carrying passengers and luggage, will help to ease the traffic block in various parts of the city. The 3.3-kilometre elevated podcar guideway will reduce 30 minutes off current journey times. They are computer-driven, zero-emission vehicles that use one third the energy of a car and are nearly silent.