The annual International Food Festival at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University held on Thursday displayed myriad dishes from all over the world. Students from 14 countries –Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Vietnam, Laos, Palestine, Korea, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Armenia, Tibet, France, Thailand and Afghanistan – cooked and served their traditional dishes at the event.

Students took a lot of interest in gathering ingredients, the actual cooking part and also in explaining the dishes to the people. Some even went to the extent of bringing original ingredients from their motherlands. And it was more than just food and flavours that were on display. Visitors got to see traditional costumes, books, national emblems and motifs and also posters of the various countries.

By evening, it was a mix of music from all these nations that filled the air. The students and visitors danced the night away, while some of them cooked for the entire gang.

The International Students Association has organised ten such festivals till now. Every year, the cultural show and pomp just increases. Food binds the countries and the students in a city that thrives on a global population.